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Geriatric Assessment Clinic

Part of the Carilion Clinic Center for Healthy Aging, the Geriatric Assessment Clinic at BMH is committed to providing top-notch care to those in need of geriatric evaluation. Comprehensive geriatric assessments are completed by a team of professionals, including a geriatrician, a clinical social worker, and a clinical registered nurse.

Geriatric assessments may be helpful for any of the following reasons:
• Memory loss
• Depression
• Dizziness
• Chronic illness/pain
• Nutritional issues
• Isolation
• Family turmoil

Areas of focus during a geriatric assessment include:
• Social issues
• Cognitive concerns
• Physical symptoms

Written recommendations will be shared, as appropriate, with the individual, family, and primary healthcare provider. The center does not assume the role for ongoing primary care but will work with a patient’s physicians in consultation, as needed.


Patients may be referred to the center, either by self-referral, referral by physician, or an agency referral. To schedule an appointment, please call the Roanoke Office at the Center for Healthy Aging – 540-981-7653.