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BMH volunteers provide needed services for patients in our communities every day. The care and enthusiasm volunteers bring to the hospital help make each patient and their family experience very pleasant. This care begins when they enter the lobby and see the smiling, helpful, and professional volunteers at the Patient Information Services’ Desk. The impression of excellence in service is carried throughout the hospital where they meet other volunteers in additional departments working alongside staff.

The volunteer services’ goal is to make every patient’s stay as comfortable and problem-free as possible. We have patients that may need to wait for services, test results, or they may just want to talk. Our volunteers listen, calm nervous family members, ease the anxiety of patients waiting to be admitted, and keep families generally informed as to which room a patient is assigned.

There’s a greater need for volunteers today than ever before! We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds who are responsible, enthusiastic, in good health, and are willing to commit several hours a month to serving others in a hospital setting. Whether you are a retiree or just have some extra time you would like to give back to your community, BMH invites you to join our volunteer family!

The following are the steps and requirements for prospective volunteers.
Download and complete a volunteer application.
• Mail or schedule an appointment to drop off your application.
• Schedule an interview to discuss your area of service, location, day and time of volunteering, your staff and training contact, your departmental guidelines, and other important issues.

Important information

A background check will be done and paid by BMH for ALL prospective volunteers.
A TB test will be done and paid for by BMH.

How to become a Volunteer Chaplain

Volunteer chaplains provide spiritual care for the hurting at BMH. Whether it’s a car accident victim or someone with a chronic disease, when a crisis strikes, a person wants to know that someone cares. They know how lonely and frightening it can be to face an uncertain future. They make themselves available to sit and just listen, to talk, or to pray. The spiritual care of a patient is an important component of their overall treatment. Our “on call” chaplains are volunteers who bring compassion and a listening ear to the bedside. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you, a family member, or someone you know could use help dealing with trauma, anxiety, or grief, please do not hesitate to make a request to your nurse or physician for a chaplain’s visit.

Volunteer services sponsors a volunteer chaplains program. Individuals who are active with local denominations or faith groups may apply as a volunteer chaplain by completing this application.

Volunteer chaplains are first given hospital orientation from the volunteer services department of the hospital. Afterward, the pastoral care chairperson provides a second round of training and mentoring before volunteers are ready to visit patients. Then there is ongoing training and support for volunteers dealing with various aspects of providing spiritual care and support to our patients and staff.