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Respiratory & Pulmonary

Pulmonary Services at Bedford Memorial Hospital are provided through the Pulmonary Clinic, the Difficult Airway/Lung Mass Clinic, Intensive Care Units and Sleep Centers. The department has several areas of specific interest. These include Asthma, COPD, Pulmonary Hypertension, Difficult Airway Management, Bed-side Ultrasonography, Sleep Disordered Breathing and Interstitial Lung Disease among others.

Service Description

The Pulmonology and Respiratory care Services include the Pulmonary Clinic, Difficult Airway/Lung Mass Clinic, Intensive Care and Sleep Centers.

Clinical Team

The pulmonary department is composed of a diverse group of physicians, respiratory therapists and other medical professionals who bring devotion and experience to the art of medicine. We thrive on continuous growth and strive to provide our patients up-to-date and innovative medical care.

Difficult Airway/Lung Mass Clinic

Whether you have been diagnosed with a benign or malignant tumor of the chest, or even if this is only suspected, this clinic will conduct all necessary work up to assure that you receive comprehensive medical care. If you are having difficulty breathing related to a lung tumor, or a benign condition causing narrowing of your airway, we will expedite your services in order to attempt relief or at least improvement in your symptoms. The clinic works in conjunction with other medical specialties (Oncology, thoracic surgery, ENT, etc), so that we can better coordinate your care.

Pulmonary Clinic

The pulmonary clinic is open to accept referrals of usual respiratory conditions such as Asthma, COPD/Emphysema, unspecified shortness of breath, cough, wheezing, non-cardiac chest pain, etc.
A nurse coordinator assesses all referrals and expedites the appointment with the appropriate physician. Request for specific physicians either by the referring physician or a self referred patient are graciously granted.

If you are a new patient, please download the following form and complete it prior to your appointment. Following your initial evaluation, if it is determined that you may be better served in one of our other sub-specialty clinics, you will be referred accordingly.

Respiratory Care and Therapy Services

Physicians specializing in pulmonary, respiratory and sleep disorders at Carilion Clinic hospitals are supported by respiratory therapy departments staffed by Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRTs) and Certified Respiratory Therapists (CRTs). Therapists are licensed by the Virginia Board of Medicine.

Who Needs Assessment?

Many people who could benefit from respiratory care do not realize it. Respiratory care patients will often note shortness of breath, at rest or during exertion when compared to people of similar age. People experiencing a chronic cough with and without mucus production, or people who have noticed wheezing or chest tightness, should seek medical care. Tell your primary care provider if you are experiencing symptoms. Smokers in their forties are strongly suggested to have baseline Pulmonary Function Test (PFT) during this decade of life.

Clinics and Programs

Pulmonary Clinic
Difficult Airway/Lung Mass Clinic
Sleep Centers
• Asthma Program

Diagnostic Services

Pulmonary Function Laboratory
• Spirometry
• Lung volume studies (measuring lung capacity to determine if there is impaired function)
• Diffusion capacity studies
• Bronchial challenge testing
• CAP accredited Blood Gas Laboratory (available through Carilion Labs)
• Nocturnal oximetry studies
• Pulse oximetery
• Screening to qualify patients for home oxygen

Therapy Services

• Oxygen and aerosol therapy
• Airway clearance therapy
• Mechanical ventilation
• Non-invasive ventilation
• Oximetry/end tidal CO2 monitoring
• Bronchodilator therapy
• Hyperinflation therapy