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Sleep Center

All of us have occasional trouble sleeping. However, when sleep problems occur regularly and interrupt proper sleep, you may have a sleep disorder that requires the professional attention of our staff at Bedford Memorial Hospital Sleep Center. Our sleep specialists can pinpoint which sleep disorder is affecting an individual in as little as one test.

The links to the right provide you some tools that may help you in determining whether you may benefit from an evaluation by one of our physicians. Also, if you schedule an appointment, we request that you follow the new sleep patient link to fill some previsit forms that will help improve your evaluation.

After diagnosis

If a sleep disorder is diagnosed at the Center, our staff works with your physician to decide the appropriate treatment and follow-up care.

You will have a follow-up visit with our physician to discuss the results and recommendations for treatment. Be sure to inquire before your study about scheduling a follow-up visit. Sleep study results are not generally discussed over the telephone because of their complex nature.

To fully understand the results of your sleep study, their implications and any treatment recommendations that are made, you should meet face-to-face with our physician.

Additional procedures are occasionally needed to establish a diagnosis or evaluate a treatment. Our physician will inform you if this is the case.

Clinical Team

The Bedford Memorial Hospital Sleep Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and welcomes all patients with sleep difficulties including self-referrals. Our team of Boarded Sleep Specialists will provide comprehensive medical care with continuous follow up as required.

Disorders such as Sleep Apnea (breathing pauses while sleeping), Snoring, Narcolepsy, Restless Legs, Insomnia and Excessive sleepiness are all treated. Our State of the Art Sleep Laboratory has the capability to perform all required tests in-house.

For more information, visit Carilion Clinic Sleep Center.