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BMH rehab


Bedford Memorial Hospital rehabilitation offers a network of services to help people cope with the toughest challenge of their lives. Every patient who comes to us has suffered a serious injury or illness. But no matter what brings them here, the goal is the same: to restore the highest possible level of physical, emotional and intellectual functioning.

Service Description

In our programs, we focus on strengths, not weaknesses. What people can do is more important than what they can’t. The emphasis is on health, wellness and teaching patients how to help themselves. We can offer the right level of services to meet your needs – from comprehensive inpatient care to an individualized treatment plan of physical, occupational and/or speech therapy.

Clinical Team

Our interdisciplinary treatment team is comprised of:

• Physical Therapists
• Occupational Therapists
• Speech Language Pathologists

To find out more about our physical, occupational or speech therapy services, or to make an appointment with us, call 540-587-3246.

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Pre-registration for all services except emergency. Inpatient medical services are available to care for a wide variety of adult and pediatric illnesses. Bedford Memorial Hospital utilizes a database of 35 active and 88 consulting staff physicians. Call 540-586-2441 for a complete listing.