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Bedford surgery

Surgeons at Bedford Memorial Hospital have the technology to perform advanced procedures right here in Bedford. From cataract surgery to the latest surgical procedures for foot problems, Bedford Memorial Hospital gives you a convenient option for services you may have thought were only available at larger hospitals.

For more information about the surgical procedures available at Bedford Memorial Hospital, call 540-586-3089 today. Or, ask your physician whether Bedford Memorial Hospital is an option.

General Surgery

From gallbladder surgery to appendectomy, our skilled surgeons perform surgeries with just a few tiny incisions. So, procedures that once took weeks of recovery now take only days, with less pain and a shorter hospital stay.

Colonoscopy and EGD

We can perform these outpatient procedures to detect abnormalities in your digestive tract and have you home in a matter of hours. We also offer minimally invasive surgeries to correct digestive problems like GERD.

Women’s Surgery

We perform advanced, minimally invasive surgeries for conditions like incontinence that improve women’s lives dramatically. We can also correct abnormal periods with an innovative procedure called endometrial ablation.