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A Healthier Environment for You

Letter from Patti Jurkus, CEO

The Tobacco-Free Environment Plan on March 1st , 2010 we will be taking the first step on a journey toward better health for you, your coworkers and everyone who visits our facility.

On that date, the Bedford Memorial Hospital campus will join our Carilion Clinic and Centra -based facilities and become tobacco-free environments. There are several reasons why we’re working toward this goal. I want to share them with you to ensure you have up-to-date and reliable information about our plan for this initiative.

First and foremost, we are going tobacco-free because we are dedicated to providing you with clean, healthy places to work. We also are committed to ensuring healthier areas where our patients are treated and visited by their friends and families. Additionally, Bedford Memorial Hospital is expected to set a healthy example for the residents of our community and lead the way for other businesses in the area to provide their employees and volunteers with healthy workplaces. This initiative is a way we can accomplish these goals.

I know this plan is a challenge, especially to those of you who use tobacco products. That is why we are working now to ensure resources are available to support you as we transition to tobacco-free workplaces.

To find out more information about programs and products available to you, contact the Community Educator, Anita Lowe at 587-3308.

I know you will join me in supporting this initiative. It is a step in the right direction on the journey to better health for us and those we serve.